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The Atlanta based Daryl Shular Hospitality Group owns and operates The SHULAR Institute which will open its doors in Spring of 2022, FarmED Kitchen and Bar, Plate.ED and Earth First Catering and Events. These concepts are the results of the pioneering spirit of Chef Shular’s many years at the forefront of the hospitality industry. Our mission here at (DSHG) is to provide the best in modern eateries and hospitality education in the southeast.

Chef Shular believes that the core of a successful food service operation is a more educated and business savvy workforce driving the standards needed for continued success on the national stage. Our restaurant based SHULAR Institute will lead the way for our national expansion, as we commit to providing a new form of hospitality education which serves as a springboard for future industry leaders. Chef Shular continues to share his expertise with all levels of food lovers through his Plate.ED enthusiast program. These hands-on cooking classes are designed to place the consumer in the heart of the operation, to feel the experience of being a member of the Kitchen Brigade. In addition,

Chef Shular has built his career on the principles of healthy cooking, sustainability and supporting local food suppliers. His catering and events team at Earth First Kitchen is committed to providing his clients with a custom experience centered around seasonality and modern food styles.  

Chef Shular has assembled a team of dynamic industry professionals, who brings a diverse level of experience to all our clients and patrons of the DSHG concepts and institutions.